What to wear in Summer in England

We Love Neutrals.

The sun is out in Bath and we have chosen this light and funky ensemble, featuring a pale pink pinstripe skirt
by Rundholz Black Label teamed with a Mama B cream top.
Mama B Cream Boxy Top

Mama B Boxy Top

Loose fitting with oodles of Italian style, this boxy sweater works beautifully with this slim fit skirt.

It is made with very light stretchy hemp fabric.

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Rundholz pinstripe tight fitted pencil skirt

Slim Stretch Skirt

Slim fitting skirt by Rundholz with asymmetric feature seam and quirky kick at the back.

The stretch fabric is comfortable to wear and creates a fab shape, whilst that kick accentuates your figure and looks extremely flattering.

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Chunky statement necklace by Christina Brampti

Statement Necklace

New to Blue, Christina Brampti's designs are bold and can transform any outift.

Lucy chose this necklace to go with her outfit, because the light colours and bold design adds impact to the subtle outfit.

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Pink Pumps by Lofina

Lofina Pink Pumps

Team with these sweet pumps for the ultimate Spring-chic look. 

Made by our favourite footwear brand Lofina, meaning they are very comfy and always stylish.

These shoes were designed in Denmark and made in Italy - what a perfect combination!


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